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White Border Leicesters

"We produce Border Leicesters that do well in the barn,

in the field and in the showring!" - Polly Hopkins

The White Border Leicesters are the breed of choice for Polly & Kevin Hopkins in Chepachet, Rhode Island.  They may not be in the tallest in the showring, but they do fall within the breed standard for weight and height and have good confirmation and breed type.  Polly loves a pretty head ! And remember the biggest is not always the best!  They raise sheep with consistant fleeces, good mouths and good feet & legs.  Following  the breed standard, these Border Leicesters have white fleeces with no black  or gray coloring or spots.  The  ewe flock are easy lambers and can easily carry twins or triplets, as well as easily raise those twins and sometimes triplets (although we do like to supplement triplets).  Maybe Tomorrow Farm pedigrees have produced numerous champions in the show ring, and even a few supreme ewes!

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